App Maintenance and Support

At Mobionic, after we deploy your app, we handover the control stick to you. However, many clients have asked our team for support services after app deployment as well. Our team places very high importance on providing support and maintenance services for apps even after they are deployed.


As the user base grows with time, server migration, low latency and a number of other factors comes into play. These factors directly affect the performance of your app business. Our experienced team members are here to help you out with that.


Types of App Support and Maintenance

Apps compete in a challenging market. After you deploy an app, increase in user base is not the only challenge you will face. There is a lot more to it. Our support and maintenance cover those aspects. These are-

  • Data migration from one server to another
  • Using technologies that support concurrency for large user base
  • Optimizing server performance for low latency
  • Changes due to regulatory concerns
  • Minor, incremental and major enhancements such as UI overhaul etc.

Across our spectrum of app support and maintenance services, our goal has remained relatively simple – remain cost effective. Our large team of technology experts specializes in providing outstanding support and maintenance for apps on all operating system platforms and devices.


Till date, we have performed large-scale maintenance and server migration for a number of applications. We have an active team of experts who not only carve out the configuration to host your app but also revisit and troubleshoot in case of any malfunction.